My Favorite Moment of 2017

favorite moment

Well, it appears we’ve made it to the last day of 2017. I’m so glad, grateful, happy, relieved that this year is reaching its end. And a brand new spanking one is arriving. Like last year, I want to highlight my favorite and most joyful moment of the year. After looking back at the 20 of my favorite things, I want to focus on one particular night.┬áIn my first few days back home, I went out with some of my oldest friends. And ended up the night at my doorstep, talking to my very best friend in the world.

We lost track of time, sitting on the floor, reminiscing and talking about this shitty year. We’ve been through so much together, and he’s one of the few people I’m truly myself. That’s the kind of person he brings out. Between us, there’s a judgment free zone. We talk about everything, and that particular night, I went home and cried. Of relieve, content, sadness. Because I realized so much that I wasn’t happy with. Especially myself and my behavior.

And then a few weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast. And someone said their one and only lesson in life, is to cherish your friendships. Because husband’s, wives, jobs, possessions, come and go. And some friends, stay forever. Even if they are annoying, which we are too. There’s something to be said about keeping those precious and filled-with-moments-friendships. They reminds us of who are, where we came from and where we started. If someone makes you feel appreciated and safe, don’t let them go.

Let’s celebrate life, friendships, love and change. For they are what life’s made of.