Thoughts on Turning 29

I’m never keen on self-congratulatory posts – unless I accomplished something I’m so, so proud of. Not to say that your birthday isn’t important, it totally is and I’m always happy to cross that milestone. But turning 29 is having a weird impact on me. Not something I’m accustomed to. This only means that I’m happy to take it on the down low, enjoy some pancakes with my girlfriends and spend the day walking around downtown Manhattan.

I want 29 to be an introspective year. I want to learn how to prioritize my life and what should be in it. After taking such a deep break, I want this new year to be something I can be proud of. And instead of writing down impossible-to-reach-resolutions, I want to be sure to just do what feels right for me. Whatever that is. I want to embrace a pre-30 state where I – at least try to – find my place in the world. For some it might be late, for others, it’s not even beginning.

What this past year taught me was that I need to be more assertive. Sure of myself, my actions and words. I have strong thoughts that don’t match my personality. Or what I reveal of it. I want to be less tolerant to bullshit and call out things I don’t like. Or feel comfortable with. Why should I be any less worthy of something, is my constant question. And even though I can dwell on the take better care of myself dilemma – which is a constant – let’s make that an everyday action.

My take on turning 29 is to be who you want to be. If it’s idealistic? Sure. But it doesn’t make it less true. I’m happy to be able to share so much of this journey with you and expect only good things – no pressure – from this next year. A lot of new things are coming your way and as long as we are alive, in good health, with a roof over our heads, loving and being loved, it’s all that matters. I’ll be sharing every step of the way with you.

turning 29

turning 29

turning 29

Happy birthday to all the scorpio’s and
10th of Novembers out there.

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