Puffer Jackets – a Shopping Guide

Puffer jacket season just arrived in New York. Even though I’ve always been a puffer lover, we fell apart in the past few years. The first memory I have of wearing a puffer, was when I was 10, on my first trip to London. My parents got me a bright-red puffer jacket that I wore through tear.

It’s definitely not the most flattering piece in my fall wardrobe, but it certainly is very practical. Last winter I got one from Topshop and it saved me from freezing to death. Especially if you’re just trying to get out the door in the most comfortable outfit possible. And this season, I’ve been eyeing a lot of great options – and even got myself one of those options. The puffer jacket upped its game and I’m here to help you get the perfect one – if you haven’t already.

Shop my favorite options below:


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