Episode 30: the Haunted Train Station in Haarlem, Netherlands

For our last full day in Amsterdam, we decided to take a trip to Haarlem, in the northwest of the country. Just a 30 minute train ride away, Haarlem is this small and very cute hometown. They have a huge and beautiful windmill. It was a very rainy day, so obviously our trip got cut short. We still walked around, stopped to have lunch for a couple of hours and saw the main park in the city. I stopped filming on our way back because it got dark early. We still had dinner with a friend and went back to the apartment to get everything ready to leave the next day.

I hoped you loved following along our trip as much as I did. It’s such a great feeling to watch reruns of all the days spent in Amsterdam. I already said to M that I seriously want to go back with him – maybe in the summer so we can try and avoid massive rainy days. Have you ever been in Amsterdam? Anything worth telling about that trip? What was your favorite place to visit so far?

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