Why Should Anyone Give a Shit?


I’ve had this blog for 3 and a half years. While some might say it’s a long time, others, say it isn’t enough. Throughout this time, I’ve considered giving up, questioned the reasons I was doing it and why bother to continue. But I always come back. Probably because I have a thirst for community and belonging. We all do. And that’s what’s pushing me forward.

Having moved around quite a bit, I’ve always struggled to find my people. I’m never afraid to take risks and go somewhere, or be, by myself. And even though I’m constantly scared, I never let that fear stop me from accomplishing something. That’s very true in many aspects of my life – like going on a plane, traveling alone, speaking my mind. Every outside experience helps me realize who I am. And writing, glues it all together. I’m most myself when I’m sitting at this end, keyboard at my fingertips, telling you what I’m feeling. And that’s how it’s always been.

I have at least 10 diaries back home where I would write daily about my musings. By the time I turned 14, diaries were obsolete and writing online was how people expressed themselves. I’ve mentioned it before, but I started my first blog at 14. I was exploring different sides of me – and told very few people about it. Somehow, it became an insight into my life and what I was feeling at the time. And some of my friends used it as a way to understand me better.

Naturally, things evolved and it has become what it is today. And even though there are posts that make me cringe, others I’m very proud of. What I’m trying to say is that, the reason anyone gives a shit and still reads and searches for answers, is because we want to feel like we belong. Somewhere and/or with someone. That’s the reason why I read, daily, so many blogs. To find a sense of community, belonging, support. And I hope that’s the reason you come here too.

I would love to know more about you. Please share a bit of your life and what you are looking for!