Why I Deleted My Twitter Account

Turning 29 is having a bigger impact on me than I thought. After a few weeks of offline musings, I’m back to New York. Feeling a bit stronger, empowered and supported by all of you. My last post was the perfect outlet to help me manage my feelings – and get some amazing feedback. Throughout these past weeks, I got quieter and took a look at myself. I figured, I had to straighten out my life, and especially work towards¬†improving. Facing my insecurities, fears and anxieties.

We are talking baby steps. And one of my first resolutions, already at practice, was to delete my Twitter account. It might not seem like a big deal but trust me, it is. We have so much decluttering to do in our lives. It’s insane the amount of information we get constantly that it gets to the point of ridicule. In a brief moment, swish, my account was deleted. You have to pick your battles and Twitter, my friends, lost.

Less than a month for the big 2-9, I feel scared, but bare some hope that the future is indeed bright. And I’m walking towards building a better one. Maybe I had my Britney-Spears-shaving-off-her-head-in-2007-less-dramatic-moment. Maybe I needed to refresh, reset and stop waiting for things to happen. What I realized was that I wasn’t living my life, because I’m always waiting for things to piece together. My insecurities, fears and anxieties are stopping me from reaching my goals – or even recognizing the things I’ve achieved. The only real problem is the way I was viewing and dealing with the world.

I read some variation of this here and it could not be more accurate. Out of the blue,¬†someone¬†verbalized what I’d been feeling for the past year, better than I ever could. I am my own limitations and that has to stop. I’m ready if you are.