Getting Ahead of the Fashion Game With These Tips

As the fashion wheels keep turning, every newsletter I’ve been receiving is looking a couple months ahead. It’s impossible to browse through my favorite fast fashion websites without feeling a hint of excitement. Fall is definitely a favorite season and I don’t even pretend to hide it. While summer is unbearable in New York, fall is the most enchanting season to witness in the big apple. It’s not easy to spot upcoming trends – but I think I’m slowly getting the gist of it. Getting ahead of the fashion game does not have to be a struggle. There are a few easy tips you can follow to spot earlier the trends for next season. In this case, fall trends.

#1 Take a peek online.

getting ahead of the fashion game

Whether your favorite brand is Zara, H&M or the vast universe of the Net-a-Porter portfolio, you just have to spend some time browsing through. These are a great source of inspiration on the latest. They will feature the items you should be looking at and for. Take these boots for fall, patterned dresses or the latest high fashion. If you check a multitude of websites, you’ll slowly start to see consistent and common pieces and styles. Write them down if you have to.

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#2 Get the runway magazine edition.

getting ahead of the fashion game

Vogue normally has a print runway edition when a new season starts to approach. What this does is, compile all the styles seen at Fashion Weeks so you don’t have to madly look for them. I usually get the fall/winter one – which I find more interesting and a grander source of inspiration. These are the two most complicated seasons to get dressed for – with all the layers and sameness.

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#3 Hit the streets.

getting ahead of the fashion game


Where do you think brands look for inspiration? Whenever you go for a stroll, errands or meeting up with friends, look around. Especially if you live in grand capitals of fashion – but even when you don’t. Snap pictures if that’s your thing. Take notes. Be observant.

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#4 Create boards.

getting ahead of the fashion game

Of inspiration. On Pinterest, in your walls, a notebook. Wherever feels more natural and easy to you. I have public, and private, boards where I collect my favorite images. Sometimes for posts, for myself or to share with you. Even if it’s from past collections, fashion always comes a full circle.

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#5 Look in your closet.

getting ahead of the fashion game

More often than not, things are already right in front of us. Maybe you don’t need to buy another blazer. Just re-use the one from last season. Maybe give it an update with some pins, or adjustments. Every season, I look for pieces that I can re-wear and wonder how I can make them look different. Sometimes a new little detail makes all the difference. But getting ahead of the fashion game has a lot to do with your own personal style and how to re-invent yourself.

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