Episode 12: Roadtrip to Charleston

I finally got around to organizing the footage we did in Charleston. I’m already nostalgic and have only been back in New York for two days. Because it might get a bit tricky to condense 4 days into a 6 minute video, I decided to spread it out through two videos. Today I’m sharing the first half of our trip to Charleston. It started bright and early last Thursday. We left New York and headed south. It took us 15 long hours to drive to Charleston and it wasn’t easy. We had a lot of fun, listened to podcasts, music, each other. By the time we got to the hotel, we were ready to recharge.

Day one was more of an adjustment. To the weather, the city and managing our dog. It was the first time we went somewhere with him and, I have to say, most cities are not dog friendly. Which isn’t particularly nice when it’s around 40º Celsius (104º Fahrenheit) and almost 100% humidity, and you can’t get in anywhere. We walked around during the morning but, by lunch time decided to rent a couple of bikes. It was nearly impossible to continue to walk. Even Poppy enjoyed it better (see the video for a fun footage).

By 5pm, it started to rain, so we went back to the hotel, enjoyed a little bit of the indoor pool, got ready and went to dinner. Fortunately it was a passing storm, so by the time we wanted to eat, it was gone. Charleston is a city where anything is walking distance, especially if you stay in the city center. Our hotel was very well located, so we navigated the city easily. We had an amazing dinner at The Macintosh. Started out with a couple of cocktails, sat at the table and enjoyed fresh fish. Unfortunately our camera’s battery died while we were walking to dinner, but I still managed to capture the charm of King Street.

Next week I’ll be posting the second, and final, part of our trip to Charleston. Let me know what you think of the video and for more insights, follow me on Instagram or read this post.

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