Episode 11: Broken Laptop Screen and a 60 Second Fashion Show

Well, Wednesday started off a bit more down than usual. I felt like I needed to recover from Tuesday. Which was going to be the day I had my first facial, but turned into the day my laptop screen broke. I fucking hate unpredictable situations and this one made me tear up. As we sat at the Apple store on 5th, I just wanted to pull my hair out. We got there and were told there was an hour wait. Sure, fine, let’s have something to eat. Only to get the text message, check-in at the store and wait another hour and a half. Of course the computer screen had to be fixed for the modest sum of half of a new computer. Cherry on top of a crappy wait.

Fortunately, yesterday was a cooler and relaxed day. Started slowly in the morning, quick tropical storm, errands, gym and another Who What Wear event. This time, it was a fashion show in partnership with Bloomingdale’s and Discover Cotton. It was another packed event where I felt, yet again, miserable. Maybe third time’s a charm? One can only hope. I think about the million things I can say to other girls, or even more established bloggers. But as soon as I’m about to make a move I retract and shy away. My girl crush of the moment – Jacey Duprie – was there and I could not held the end part of my shit together and got talk to her.

At the end, I talk a bit about that – again. Totally understand if you don’t want/need to hear that again. Life has a few defining moments, yesterday wasn’t one of them. I have several scenarios I play out for myself and always end up excusing them with my insecurities. Which seems totally bogus, if it wasn’t true. I’m all about the clichés, the powerful quotes, the sad and meaningful songs. But lack in action. I’ve come a long way from my small hometown, but feel like there’s still so much more to walk. Leaving you here with a – sort of – positive message to never give up. Always try to reach higher and some day you’ll look back with no regrets. At least that’s what I’m aiming for. Thank you for reading, watching, listening.

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