20 Summer Finds

Even though most people around the web are already contemplating the end of summer, mine hasn’t even started. I wrote here that I only really feel the summer when I’m back home. Which makes it all the more harder to endure these months in New York. But, with positive vibes in mind, I made a list of the 20 summer finds. Whether I’m talking about fashion, places or anything that falls into the category, I have to try and make the most out of it.

Summer is not my favorite season, but it simbolizes a whole lot. Back home, it’s when we always have our house full. Days start quiet in either of our parent’s backyards, followed by beach hangs and ending in early dinners with family and/or friends. There’s never a dull moment and I’m always looking forward to that routine. Since this year, things haven’t been going as planned, we have been making an effort to create our summer. With trips to Montauk, riding bikes, discovering new restaurants and even brands. Here are my 20 summer finds.

#1 Montauk

It’s not necessarily a find, because we’ve been before, but it was certainly unexpected. I loved traveling out east and spending the day with my husband and our dog. Granted, it was mostly trying restaurants, but nonetheless, it felt good to be in a beach town. Even if for just an afternoon.

summer finds

#2 Reformation

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a small, tiny, petit obsession. Reformation has been one of the best summer finds. Even though I’ve known the brand for quite a while, I haven’t ventured on buying anything. So it came as a pleasant surprise that they have beautiful pieces and a sustainable practice.

summer finds

#3 Neon Soul

I saw this book in Sonya Esman’s insta stories and was hooked on the soothing content. Giving that my anxiety levels are through the roof, anything that calms me down is a plus. And reading through this book is just a wonderful turn after turn. It’s a collection of poetry and prose.

#4 Lower East Side

Again, not a new revelation, but I’ve been spending a lot of time on the LES. Maybe in the summer it has a different quality, but I love that all the restaurants have outside dining. All the cute little stores have some sort of thing happening. It has a charm that makes me feel infatuated.

summer finds

#5 Rahua

This shampoo brand is giving my hair another life. I talked about it here and, a few more weeks have passed and I actually love the smell, the feel and how my hair is after the shower. Given that I haven’t cut or colored my hair in months, these babies are giving it a whole new life.

#6 Greenpoint

I only realized, a couple of months ago, how close I am to Greenpoint. Just a short G train ride away to one of the coolest districts. It has such a beautiful and charmy vibe. This has been one of the high points of my summer finds. Which takes me to…

#7 Maman

One of my favorite places to go. I tried it once last year in downtown Manhattan, but wasn’t really impressed. Then again by chance when me and M were shooting some outfits and I was hooked. They have the most amazing brunch and decadent white chocolate chip cookies with pretzels. You were warned!

summer finds

#8 The Ordinary

I’ve been raving about this beauty brand for q few weeks now. I read articles, reviews and – on a patient day – went for it. You have to read all the specifications of each product, which can take a while, but once you get them… Man, what amazing formulas in just tiny containers. I cannot talk highly enough of their things – especially for people who have acne.

#9 Corkcicle

A few months back, we bought a Zero Water Pitcher after learning about it on a podcast. I’ve grown tired of buying plastic bottles. They are expensive, and apparently, Poland Springs water isn’t the best. We’ve been plastic free since ’83. I joke! But it’s been more than 4 months and, to follow up on the same mentality, we bought two Corkcicle bottles. And never looked back.

summer finds

#10 Realisation Par

Following the same line as Reformation, I also found Réalisation Par. Surely inspired by the french joie de vivre, this brand has beautiful – and limited – pieces. I have to say that, the dress I got from them is quite transparent (and not sweat proof), which is a bit disappointing given their price range. But it’s forgivable given that their things are gorgeous.

#11 Big Little Lies

A friend of mine had recommended me this TV show and it’s insanely hooking. Granted my cynical mind already figured the end, but it’s thrilling, exciting, mysterious and all you want in a short show. Highly recommended!

#12 Spyglass Rooftop

We actually went there by mistake, me and M. We were supposed to meet two friends downstairs but we ended up going up and were pleasantly surprised. It has an amazing view, great Moscow Mules and a cool after-work-drinks-kind-of-vibe.

#13 Coconut Water

Again, not necessarily a revelation but, in late May, I started doing smoothies for breakfast every day. While I’m intolerant to all dairy products and water wasn’t quite making the results I wanted, coconut water is an amazing alternative. This has been on the top list of my summer finds.

summer finds

#14 Caudalie

Last weekend, I went with a friend for brunch. And after, we ventured through the city stopping at several places. One of them was Caudalie. I asked her for a recommendation of a good body exfoliant and she said the Divine Scrub. After that, I did a little research and found out they have a few spas throughout Manhattan. And as you may have seen here, the results of my first facial – which I’ll write in detail on another post.

#15 The Sosta

Oh well, another cute and Instagrammable restaurant in NYC. The Sosta is a recently opened spot at the famous Mott St and the concept is very canteen like. It has pink trays, serves italian food and the Coca-Colas are very cute. I recommend the Zucca Vodka Pasta.

#16 What the Health

The health film health organizations don’t want you to see. The premise of this documentary is somewhat chilling and ever since I watched it, about a month ago, I’ve been very careful with what I eat and what I select at the supermarket. It’s horrifying learning what you see – but no worries, there are no chocking images, just facts.

#17 Cult Gaia

The cult bag of the summer was on my wish list for long. You’ve probably seen me use it over and over and over again. It’s honestly not the most practical bag, but it’s such a pretty piece. And I do use it as much as I can. Specially when you want to pack light.

summer finds

#18 Iced Coffee

You are probably rolling your eyes at me, or not. But I’ve been loving iced coffee. I currently suspended all caffeine take ins because of my anxiety levels, but love a good iced cup of coffee. Especially in the summer in New York. It’s great to have it around in your hand and sip throughout the morning – on the go.

#19 Tictail

As a recent-fell-in-lover of the Lower East Side, I could not not talk about Tictail. I visited their store last year in the summer with Zanita, and this year again, late last week. It’s such an inspiring place to go and be surrounded by local artists that are trying to make it in this world. Their products are very exclusive, different and unique. It’s one of those amazing summer finds for inspiration.

#20 Biking in NYC

And, of course, you know how much I loved biking through New York City! I felt free like a bird, happy like a kid and fulfilled as I just ate cake. Feel like I’m still physically recovering from it but so worth it. If you can bike in your city, please do it. And thank me later!