Being a Real Person In An Overly Edited Society

I realized, as I was writing this title, that I too, fall in this category. I edit my photos – mainly brightness, contrast, highlights and one or two pimples – to none of anyone’s surprise. But I try to keep it as real as possible. Wrinkles included. If I’m not feeling as insecure, I leave it as is. We all get caught up in the thousands of apps and software available to curate each and every single flaw we might see in ourselves. And often, those, are the ones no one else notices. Being a real person in an overly edited society is getting harder, because there’s a lack of pureness.

I struggle a bit with it. On one hand, I want to show you all sides of myself. On the other, I also feel like social media can be an escape from your own life. After you’re done with comparison/jealous feelings towards others, you can be left with genuine relief. I love to look at beautiful pictures – whether they’re at the beach, mountains, city or a snap with friends.

A few weeks ago, while shooting a vlog, a friend of mine asked me if I felt the videos were a curated version of my life. It got me thinking yes and no. Yes, because I’m putting an extra effort into how I do things daily. No, because I feel like I already do that naturally. Of course I have to set the camera, position it and turn the record on, but other than that, I try to act as normal as possible. With practice comes ease and with ease comes natural. I’ve also been taking acting classes to release some of my tension and anxiety in front of other people.

Being a real person in an overly edited society is hard as sh*t.¬†You don’t know if people have the same perception of life as you. So it’s hard to know if the message is being sent. At the end of the day, we should do things for ourselves. If I’m a tidy, organized, curated person in real life, shouldn’t my feeds be as well? I’m the girl who has everything in a certain place and gets angry at messy things. I’m the girl that rips off a page of a notebook when it has a scratch that it shouldn’t. So my Instagram feed should be a representation of that.

I fandom that, if you’re doing your thing, trying to keep it real, not copying anyone else, you’re on the right track. People will pick up. Your tribe will respond. Your message¬†will be understood. There lies the beauty of social media – with all its ugly faces sitting next to it.