Fashion Week: Fashion and Style Through the Years

One of the great, or not so great depending on your point of view, perks of having a blog is that you throughly document your life. Granted, small aspects of your life, but I’ve also shared pretty personal things about me. One of the things I love to do the most is look back on past outfits. It’s been roughly 3 years since I started doing outfit of the day posts (here’s where it all started). And it’s so hilarious and cringing to look back at my style through the years. Some outfits are very outdated, whilst others still feel very contemporary.

Over 200 posts ago, my style and fashion sense has got to be connected to its time. One of my teachers at Parson’s says that, when you want to understand a fashion designer, you have to look at their references. Especially when they were younger. Music, world events, movies. I don’t think I can analyze mine thus far back, but I can justify every single outfit I’ve worn. Let’s go through the past 3 years and see how my style through the years, shall we? Some mocking allowed.


In the first few months of 2015, I was all about the monochromatic look and/or basic colors. Most of my outfits had (at least) one black piece and the word of the day was always: comfortable. The first look seen here still is, to this day, one of the my favorite ever worn.

Meatpacking Strolling, Grey Goose, Basic Ensemble and Lace for Spring.
style through the years

This summer was when I really started to experiment with prints. Before this, very few could be found in my wardrobe. It started out with a friend’s wedding, than a few simple summer dresses. While I do appreciate a sober and monochromatic outfit, I could not see my style not having prints in it, nowadays.

Wedding Print, Twirly Summer Dress, Missoni Inspired Dress, Palm Trees.

style through the years

Fast forward to the winter and my style evolved quite a bit. You can see that I was adding a bit more color and accessories to the outfits. I also started experimenting with different lipsticks (what a breakthrough!). And these looks were some of my favorite at the time. Very simple and gorgeous combinations.

Golden Hour, Matching Shades, Throwback Denim, Baby It’s Cold Outside.

style through the years

Fast forward, again, to the end of 2016, and we got ourselves a mix. Besides wearing prints and patterns, I also added different textures. While keeping my looks sobre enough, I was also adding either pops of color – like the yellow mules and the pink strap. Or toning down girly looks with a rough denim jacket.

Gingham Skirt and a Denim Jacket, Striped Bow Top With Mom Jeans and Mules, All Black, Rock Chick and a See Through Top, Twirl and a Striped Dress With a Side of Chanel.

style through the years

This year, I feel like my style is more cohesive and it tells a story. From a checked coat to sparkly boots, a velvet blazer and some leather shoes. There’s always something that shines through and that immediately gets your eye. I’ve learned to follow my style a bit more and end up with a series of highly comfortable looks that I can easily wear every day.

Sunday Gucci Tee and the Roxy Hotel, Modern Twist on the Bomber and Best Mom Jeans, Mustard Blazer Hugh Hefner Would Wear and The Day I Wore a Denim Jacket During Winter in NYC.