3 Years of Marriage, What’s Next?

As I’m writing you this, I’m literally staring out the snowy window, gazing at Stella. I usually leave these posts to the last minute because they have to be heart felt, in the moment, sincere. Today, we are celebrating 3 years of marriage – which walk hand in hand with 3 years of blogging and moving to New York City. In total, me and M are going on 7 years, which is quite astonishing. I feel like we’re still the same two kids who hooked up at a concert and never let go. It’s always surreal to look back and think how, in the beginning, we used to count the months.

There’s no greater truth that relationships are a test to a person’s life. Especially love relationships. Whether you’ve been together 2 months or 2 years, there’s always going to be things you’ll find out about each other. Granted, as time goes by, you get more and more comfortable and at ease. But that doesn’t mean the other person won’t surprise you or, even, show you a side of themselves you’ve never seen. As we reach the 7/3 year mark, I wonder what the next steps are for us, as a couple.

3 years of marriage

Most of our years together are thrilling, exhilarating and exciting. There’s no similar day, honestly, and you know we’ve been through so much. But as Marshall once said, as we mature, our relationship matures with us. That means focusing on our goals, whether they’re long or short term. Realizing that we’re getting a bit older and our priorities shift. Going on 3 years of marriage means that we should get each other leather – representing the durability of relationships. We’ll probably stick to a simple dinner and spending time with Poppy.

Being a couple means you get to enjoy everyday gimmicks. Even if it’s just staying in and watching a movie in silence. I love how comfortable we are with each other and how that reflects on building a great relationship. I pretty much said everything here, so this is just an acknowledgment of how amazing this day was 3 years ago. On that sunny March afternoon when we got together with friends and family and celebrated our relationship. As simply as possible.

3 years of marriage