One Month of Sweat With Kayla – And Why I Started

About a month ago, I started looking at old pictures of myself. Suddenly, it was 2 in the morning and I haven’t even gone through half. My friends and I used to take a lot of pictures. But one thing I noticed, that I hadn’t before, I was always chubby. I wasn’t necessarily fat, but I wasn’t healthy either. My weight fluctuates a lot, I get moments when everything is controlled and others when everything goes down spiral. I used to binge eat a lot, which is less than ideal. And I had this epiphany, or whatever I can call it: I’m done being the chubby girl.

I can’t remember a time when I felt I liked my body. And I’m so fucking tired of that. It might seem like a very superficial issue to be worried about, but thing is, it’s about your health and your confidence. Being almost 30, you start to realize that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. And when you’re trying to make all others work, but discard this one, something’s not right.


I started following Kayla the moment I moved to New York. Almost 3 years ago, I was on a quest to find people to follow, living in the big apple. And I found a lot of girls talking about the bikini body guidelines, Kayla Itsines and attaining a healthy body. I remember showing the before-and-after pictures to my husband and he started questioning how is that possible. I never stopped following Kayla and a few months ago, I started hearing the conversations amongst friends. Which was great because I was finally able to ask a few questions about it.

But it wasn’t until those faithful pictures, I honestly decided to take a shot. I’ve been doing insanity and keeping up with it, but I needed some discipline. It’s a good workout but Kayla is way better in terms of check-lists. I have the app on my phone and just take it to the gym – but the good thing is, you can totally do it at home. All the equipment it requires can be easily replaced, or even the exercise. She gives you a suggested weekly plan to follow – which is what I do. And the activity gets immediately checked once you’re done.

The amazing thing about it, is it’s 28 minutes of the resistance exercises and when it comes to cardio you can do it at your own pace. You also get recovery and cool down exercises – which we often dismiss. I’m on my 5th week now, and can honestly say there was only one recovery (or day) and I didn’t do. You get a workout 6 days of the week, and rest on the 7th. I can’t tell you about body changes – and I won’t be having those before and after pictures – but I can tell you about how I feel. Which is great!


I have daily motivation to hit the gym – just to see that activity checked off. Always feel great when I’m doing it. I sweat like crazy and even incentivized a friend to start doing it with me. Two Saturday’s ago I wasn’t going to. But when she told me she was almost done, I got up and went down to the gym. It was a great motivation knowing she was halfway through and how much better I would feel after.

Unfortunately, it’s a paid app – there’s a $54.99 fee for 3 months. But it’s so worth it. It’s cheaper than a gym membership and just knowing it’s that quick and you get a great workout. Hopefully in a few months I’ll write another post with even more improvements but, now, my motivation levels are high, my metabolism has improved and I have a lot more energy throughout the day.

Have you ever tried it?