Neutrals, Pastels and Fighting Off Winter

There’s something about wearing soft, neutrals and pastels in winter that’s rather soothing. You don’t think about it, but black, grey and camel can get a tad tiring – even though I’ve been trying to mix it up lately. Especially when the winter is so long, you start to miss those soft spring colors. I would never be able to pull off this outfit right now without a coat, but I thought the impact would be bigger without it.

Long Island City is a pretty industrial place. And I love it! It’s a great backdrop for outfit scenarios and every time I walk Poppy, I discover a new one. We often take the same paths but I normally look around for nearby places to take a quick snap. Especially on days my Instagram husband works and we’re in a rush. A girl’s gotta do! I thought this was the perfect setting for this pastels look.

Remember this sweater from last year? Well, I still get a heck of a lot use of it. It’s so fun to have something unique and that only you’ll be seen wearing. While I thought it could only withstand on its own, this oversized shirt gave it the perfect balance of tidy and messy. And because bare feet aren’t always an option these days, I’ve been wearing shiny socks with almost every outfit lately. As long as my feet are warm, everything else is fine.

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159 light blue-03

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Handmade Knit, Berskha Oversized Shirt, Pull&Bear Mom Jeans, Mango Heel Leather Shoes, COS Metallic Socks and YSL Lip Gloss.

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