How Can We Stop Comparing and Start Empowering Ourselves

We’ve all fallen down that rabbit hole. It innocently starts with a simple scroll down our Instagram feeds. Eventually, thoughts start to emerge in our minds. Why does she have that? Why is she there? Why am I here? It’s a fucking trap. But after all those feelings fade, we can agree how ridiculous it is. Meaning that it doesn’t make any sense that we’re comparing our lives to other people’s. How can we stop comparing and start empowering ourselves?

After I snap out of it – which often happens – I start to fluctuate towards a more positive approach. I start to think that my life is not that bad, either. So my solution to face this problem is to feel grateful and practice that gratefulness. We tend to forget the good things happening in our life right now and focus on that one small thing that didn’t matter after all.

First things first. We have to stop comparing ourselves. You control your thoughts because you know yourself better than anyone. When you start going down that slippery slope, force yourself to think of something good that happen in the past day. It might seem very staged, but it will also release your mind from negative thinking. 

You have to know what’s important to you and go from there. Another exercise I often do, is to think about the importance of what I’m looking at. If in two hours I won’t remember the picture/caption/person/moment, then it’s not important. The same can be applied in any problem that comes across. Why bring up a fight with someone you don’t consider being a good friend? Or pick on a small detail with your boyfriend because you’re pissed? Think about what’s really bringing you down and shift that chain of thought into something good.

Believe that there’s good enough for everyone to enjoy. And always focus on everything positive in your life: your significant other, your friends, your family, your opportunities and experiences. It’s not as hard as it sounds and we could all use a little more good in our lives.

Have a great weekend guys!