Fashion Week: Comme des Garçons Play and a Spring Dress

You know when you haven’t gotten something in so long that it feels weird to get it again? Maybe not, but don’t zone off just now. I’ll explain. A few weeks ago, I took to class an article about the famous Chuck Taylor’s. The article talked about how they grew up side by side with a generation. And now, were having trouble appealing to a younger demographic. I like to think I’m part of that generation because when I was 2, my mother got me my first pair of Chuck Taylor’s. I had several pairs throughout my childhood but then, there was Comme des Garçons Play.

The first time I saw them was last year. I was browsing for a birthday gift for my husband and I went to the Comme des Garçons section on Nordstrom. There they were. I felt tempted to buy the white low pair, then and there. But as I added the, to the cart, I did my due diligence and waited 24 hours to see if I still wanted them. The next day, I still did! But M’s gift was the priority and they sort of went to the back of my head.

A few weeks ago, I met this lovely girl, right here in New York, and the second time I saw her, she was wearing them. I asked about them, where did she find the pair and if they were comfortable. As soon as she answered, something triggered. Shit, why didn’t I get them a few months back? Luckily, this time around, they didn’t escape me. And here they are! With the freshest and greatest transition dress.

I can honestly tell you that I’ve worn this outfit at least 4 times in the past two weeks. The first time with these loafers, and all the other times with the Comme des Garçons Play. Given that the temperatures have been very, very mild, I thought it would be the perfect way to easily, and slowly, transition into spring.

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163 red-spring-dress-02

163 red-spring-dress-03

163 red-spring-dress-08

163 red-spring-dress-04

163 red-spring-dress-05

163 red-spring-dress-07

comme des garçons play

Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan (similar here), H&M Wrap Dress and Slim High Twisted Jeans, Comme des Garçons Play Chuck Taylor Sneakers and Glossier ‘Zip’ Lipstick.

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