Wellbeing Week: Why Not Making Resolutions Is The Best Resolution

I was always a great advocate of resolutions. No hiding here. But this year, my best resolution is to not make resolutions. Whenever I make them, I feel like it’s my perfectionist side creeping out. And there’s no such thing as being perfect. Not you nor your loved ones are. Resolutions set us up for failure, disappointment, discouraging. And I don’t want to feel discourage. I want to set my own pace and do things as I go.

It’s in my nature to plan out. And making resolutions is kind of a plan. But I figure, why plan something that can change with life’s twists and turns? I’m better off sticking to the things I know, than thrive for failure at launch. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have plans, hopes, dreams. That’s our fuel. But be real, and set goals, instead of resolutions.

I want 2017 to be the year of realness. Where no bullshit comes in. When you’re being real, there’s no room left for comparison, uncertainty or worry. I don’t want to worry about things I can’t control. I want to work on myself, my insecurities, my personal issues and let my true self come out. I’m sick and tired of looking out for flaws, in myself and others. Let’s embrace everything that’s real and happening right now.

Plead to not make any resolutions this year, but to be the best you can as you go. Lookout for what you can do. Remind yourself of your dreams. And be real.