First Week of the New Year

The first business week of the new year has come to an end. I always feel like reflecting upon this phenomena that is the new year. Throughout this past week – and mainly Monday morning – I’ve read some pretty cool articles and comments about it. We always feel like it’s a new leaf.¬†That a new year suddenly, help us realize everything wrong with our lives. While there might be a wave of good intentions, resolutions, magic potions and even unicorns, pushing us towards achieving anything we set out to, it often ends. And soon.

A new year is definitely a stage full of hope. And that’s what I love about it. Even if people were having a crappy and shitty year, they turn to this new calendar and always say hopefully, it’s going to be better. The only wish I had at 12 am, was to have health. Because everything else, is within our power to achieve. Sure, there are numerous things we can’t control. But getting what we want, that’s on us.

I don’t vow to change myself, but to improve. To look at my actions everyday, and figure what I can do better. To search within my relationships, and see which ones are worth everything. And the ones that are toxic. I vow to fix my problems the best way I can. To keep motivating myself. In this new year, I vow to be a better person. But I won’t feel bad if I stay in bed longer. Or skip a workout. Or, more importantly, say no. Because I have the right to. I do not owe it to anyone, but myself and I do wish to apologize less.

Be selfish but generous. Rightful but understanding. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and spread kindness. Even if you don’t get it back – which you often don’t.¬†Enjoy your year guys!