Tips on How to Improve Your Life

I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and can’t get off. Time is running at full speed, which prevents me from stopping and smelling the roses. Plenty of us are still trying to figure out how to be happy and content in life. Which can clash with our busy schedules and hectic lives. The trick is to find out small ways to improve our lives and it all starts with deciding to be happy. Here’s how.

#1 Be more tolerant.

One of my biggest problems – and the second key to happiness is admitting there’s a problem – is lack of tolerance. I lack patience with most things in my life, which turns me into an anxious person. If I were to be more tolerant with myself, others and general situations, I wouldn’t suffer as much. And, as you become a more tolerant person, you start to understand better what might be going on on the other side.

#2 Judge less.

People tend to be highly judgmental noways. We tend to compare ourselves to others, their lives and way of being and end up feeling like shit. Of course it someone is on a yacht or traveling constantly, you feel like you deserve it too. You work your ass off on a job you might not even love, save money and feel like you don’t have the same opportunities nor time. Being happy is all about yourself, and not the people you compare yourself to. They are out there, trying to be happy themselves. Don’t get caught up on that negative, soul-sucking spiral.

#3 Surround yourself with positive people.

I was taking about this with a couple of friends last week. One of them was saying that we should all be surrounded by what we want to become. For example, people who are more successful than you and can push you to do more and better. If you hang out with people that are constantly validating your thoughts, teaching you new things and even make you feel a slightly competition to improve, that’s awesome. Those are the best! Make sure you’re heard and hear, but also know when to back off. If someone is constantly demeaning, treating you bad, making you feel like a piece of shit, are you sure you should be hanging around them?

#4 Expect less.

Unreasonable expectations seem like a second skin to me. And yet, I keep getting disappointed and knocked down. People almost never do what they should, or what you think they should. I’m not saying we should abolish our expectations completely, but rather tone them down to a certain realness. Don’t expect your work to be perfect, but work to achieve everything you want in life for yourself. And when it comes to people, stop being a pleaser. It will only break your spirit and turn you into a cynic.

#5 Blame less.

Stop blaming others for your bad turnouts. Being happy, healthy and successful depends only on you. Even though you might get some help along the way, you’re the only person who can get shit done. You want to lose weight? Go to the gym and a nutritionist. You want to pursue your dream? No one is going to do that except yourself. You should not be blaming others, or their lives, just because you think yours sucks. Being happy is about being in touch with you, knowing what you want, need and where you want to go.

#6 Find no excuses to be happy.

People keep finding excuses like, I’m not good enough or I’m too old to give it a try. Lies and excuses we tell ourselves to make up for the fact that we’re not getting off our asses. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, persistence, sweat, lonely and self discovery times and harsh realizations. But only you can move your legs and start your journey towards being happy.

#7 Love yourself more.

This is one of the things I feel people struggle the most. It’s not hard to love yourself. It’s so much easier to point out everything that’s wrong. But get your head out of your ass and everyone else’s. You are good enough to pursue your happiness, your dreams, your person. And it starts with looking at the problem, facing and trying to fix it.