Fall Fashion and What Everyone is Wearing

Buckled Block Heel Shoes and Hoop Earrings, Mango Ankle Boots.

I love fall fashion! I’ve said it before, but it’s my favorite season of them all. I get tired of summer easily and, halfway through August, I’m already craving from some cooler temperatures. Fashion is very forward and keeps us in the loop for one season ahead. We were still wearing flip-flops and already Vogue, and such, were stuffing jackets and boots down our throats. Which is good for fall fashion and for inspiration. Come the time, you already know what you should be wearing.

I’m going to start creating these sort of mood boards for items I’m craving. Which does not meaning I’m getting them. But as a source of inspiration and reminder, of how much creativity needs simple breaks. And aesthetically pleasing things to look at. I’ve been following a few blogs where I’ve seen similar things. They always make me feel at ease and end up stealing a smile off my face. Pinterest (you can follow me here) is also amazing for that. You search terms like mood boards or inspiration, depending on your preferences, and lot of cool stuff pops up.

Now, getting on with fall fashion and trends. I’ve been seeing a lot of favorites popping up. And a few days ago, I was reading a blog on my list and ended up with minus $70 on my account. Also desperately calling my mother to get me a few items that are sold out in the states. One trend that I see here and there are hoops. Every where.