Sparkly Dress and a 90’s Trend

There are a few things every women should have in their closet. A sparkly dress is one of them. Going back a few decades, I feel like I’m in school again, listening to the Spice Girls and shouting girl power. For the last time in my life, I said never will I ever wear that. I looked at the t-shirt under dress trend and, even back then, didn’t feel right. I don’t know if it was the short hair but, as soon as I slipped on the dress over the t-shirt, I was hooked. It looks amazingly rock-n-roll with a hint of sexiness. Given that I wore the look during the day, I tried to tone it down with the pajama slip-ons and the sunglasses.

I’m fully embracing every trend I thought I was set to wear. I’m not saying never ever again, and I swear to always experiment before rejecting. Funny enough, I have the same morals when it comes to people. Never to judge before you know or, in fact, not judge at all. You can decide something, or someone, is not for you and carry on with your life.

I, for once, am sticking to this makes-me-feel-so-fucking-good-that-I-want-to-scream outfit.







Zara Sparkly Dress (similar here) and White T-Shirt, and H&M Slip-Ons.