Weekend Highlights – Packing Edition

Signs in Williamsburg.

The weekend before our move out finally came and went. Although I would like to share a glamorous brunch, a brilliant walk in Central Park or adorable pictures of Poppy… Our weekend was spent in shorts, comfy tees and a lot of boxes. We are finally moving out of our first New York City apartment. And it couldn’t come sooner. I tend to get highly anxious with messy places – and saying ours is messy is an understatement. I’m so over everything now and can’t see the day when we fall asleep in an actual bedroom, in a quiet new apartment.

Fortunately, everyone understands how hard it is to move. So it’s safe to say the understanding feels like a warm hug. Funny enough, we did get some time off and went to Williamsburg on Sunday, to do a tour of the area. It was short and sweet, but nothing I’ve ever seen before. The guy was amazingly nice, the group was mostly tourists, but it’s always great to know more about the place you’re living in. I took the opportunity to take a few (too many) cool pictures and get inspired for this upcoming week. It was good to rewind, enjoy a bit of off time and recharge for the upcoming crazy week.

Today¬†marks yet another special event. It’s been one year since I had my first-ever-ever-ever surgery. It seriously does not seem like it’s been a year, but here I am. I decided not to talk about it because it wasn’t a pleasant experience. But here we are! It was a routine surgery to fix my nose canals. I used to breath through my mouth – and that’s how it’s been my whole life. We always thought it was because of my allergies and all. But turns out, my nose was completely closed up. Hence, no breathing through it. The doctor said it would significantly improve my quality of life and I decided to do it. I was freaking scared the day before and still remember the quiet way to the hospital at sunrise, and of course, the morning after.

The recovery was highly painful but after a week, I was okay. Slowly but surely I got used to being oh-so-scared someone was going to hit my nose all-the-time. And now it’s been a year! Yey!

I’m honestly writing this post cross-legged, on my bed, looking at huge and full suitcases and what’s still left to pack/sell/give away. Excuse while I get back on it and cringe a bit more with so many things to do. Ha! Hope you had an amazing weekend and the last half-week of August goes by smoothly.

weekend highlights packing edition

Buildings in Williamsburg.

weekend highlights packing edition

Poppy on his first stroll through Brooklyn.

weekend highlights packing edition

Cute trees in Williamsburg.

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