Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

In our 20’s, everything seems very urgent, serious, the best and worst of times. We are growing up to become the adults we always hoped to be, but the story becomes very different. It’s great to look back and think about how we’ve come to be. And important to realize what’s actually happening. Seldom, we are too hard on ourselves and constantly self-punish for not keeping up with expectations. Not only ours, but everyone else’s. There are a few key things you should tell yourself everyday to find happiness, well-being and understanding.

It’s okay not to be okay.

This is probably the hardest. Especially for me. I always expect so much from myself that, when I’m having a no-day, I have a hard time admitting. We are bound to have days when nothing works. Which we have to accept, is totally fine. We might not feel like the greatest person alive, but those are the ones that help us appreciate the others. When everything is going just as it should, ar at least as you hoped. Learn to not be okay and know it’s okay.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

A little bit like the previous one, it’s also highly important to not beat yourself too hard. Things normally don’t go the way we expect them to but eventually fall into place. I know it sounds fucking cliché, but it happens to be true. I come down on myself every single day for something I said, did or didn’t say or do. It’s not right for me to always be my worst criticizer. It’s great when you have some perspective and know when you’re doing wrong. But also figure out why you did what you did or said what you said.


I know guys. This can be extremely hard. The thing is, sometimes you have to bring yourself to apologize. I have screaming voices in my head telling me to do it, but my rational self stops me from it. Which ends up making me feel even worse than I would if I apologized.

Do it.

We often miss out on opportunities, things and people because we can’t bring ourselves to say or think do it. We mostly regret the things we didn’t do. And even if we fall down on our face, at least we tried, fought and laughed. Yeah, it might suck, but whoever said that anything comes easy was fucking joking.

It’s not worth it.

I’ve talked about this before, and it’s the *blimping* hardest. People will disappoint you. All. The. Time. And there’s nothing you will be able to do about it. Now, you can decide when you’re done with their shit and move on. Easier said than done. But I’ve done it and seen it done – and also been done too. Better things will come for the both of you. But tell yourself when something, or someone, is not worth your precious time. And kick some ass this weekend!