Back in New York and What’s Been Going On

I’ve been missing the crap out of this place over here, even thought I’ve tried to keep it updated (especially this one). After what it felt like forever, I’m back in New York City ready for September. Or at least getting in the right mind frame for it. The last few days have been somewhat tiring, with very few hours of sleep and too much going on. I did the tourist thing in Lisbon, went out to dinner with friends, met a long time girl-crush-blogger (and I’m still in awe about it all), spent time with my family and did a little shopping. Oh! And of course, cut my hair.

The weeks went by fairly fast since I arrived, and I’m already back in the jungle. We finally grew our little family and M is so excited about it. He’d been following through snaps I would send or FaceTime, but meeting Poppy in person was incredible. Work has been quieter than usual, but will definitely get hectic in a few days time. And, of course, our move is rapidly approaching.

So many changes, so little time.

Going home is always an amazing experience, and I felt like it helped me put everything back together. I had some time alone, to think, write and gaze upon everything we are going to be doing. My agenda is full of notes and to-do lists, which helps me keep organized and sane. While never forgetting everything I have/want to do.

My mind is already in full September mode, and I feel like the weather is mistakenly hot and brazing. Can’t wait for a few cooler and shorter days in our new apartment, starring at the Manhattan’s beautiful skyline. I hope you’re having a great week and powering through that hump day! Hello New York!