Breaking up

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We’ve all been through breakups of several kinds, love, family, friends, and none are ever easy or come lightly. When it comes to me, I have a especially hard time breaking up with someone, because I always want to believe things will get better, people will change and, also, a little FOMO – fear of missing out. I figure that people create relationships, generate bonds and end sharing memories together, which are extremely hard to let go, more so than ever when you thought you had a connection.

As time moves along, so do people, and friends that were the best before aren’t now. You come to realize it’s a one sided friendship or you don’t have that much in common anymore. It happens all throughout your life, it’s what I’ve come to realize, but I really take it hard, given that I can’t accept not being a part of someone’s life anymore. Even to this day, I still think about past girl friends and boyfriends and try to recall the time we spend together, wondering if the other part feels/thinks the same.

I hate to let go of people and cut them out of my life, but in time realize how it was necessary to move forward. Whether because they were holding you back, are toxic friends or just didn’t reciprocate your dedication and friendship, either way, you get to become stronger because of it and gather fond memories of what you thought were the best of times.

I had my fair share of friendship breakups and still feel melancholic, what with the memories, photos and things you only did with them. There’s no right way to surpass something like that, so my advice is for you to focus on the relationships that do you well and make you feel and realize your worth. All the rest must be left and remembered as great memories and experience!