Losing weight

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Yes, we have tried it all, some say. Women and man all over the world have tried, and many failed, losing weight. People wonder if it’s what they are eating, how much they are eating, if they are exercising enough, or have a health condition that doesn’t let them lose weight. It’s one of the battles of the modern world and concerns rise each and every single year, health and lifestyle mostly.

We develop bad eating habits and lifestyle choices that won’t let us lose the weight we want, so badly, to let go. I gathered a few of the reasons we aren’t getting there and, honestly, having such a hard time having the healthy body we crave so much.

Cheat weekend.
There should be no such thing. Yes, throughout our existence, we are going to have cheat days or holidays, but we should not have cheat weekends. I used to think like that a few years ago, if I behaved during the week, I would allow myself to cheat on those two days, causing my weight to shift drastically.

Eating more than we should.
The amount of food we eat is often more than we need, and we realize it after finishing our meal and feeling our stomachs swollen. We have to remember to cut down sizings, not to take seconds and think twice about having dessert when we already ate starters.

Starve ourselves.
I still remember my record: 28 hours without eating a single piece of food, drinking only water. How bad is this for you? Really bad. The thing is, when our body doesn’t get food, or energy, it doesn’t necessarily go after the fat in your body, it can go for muscle too. Plus, the next time you eat, the food is going to be absorbed a lot faster and go straight where it’s needed.

Forgetting about the hidden calories.
There are many foods out there that hide a lot of calories and fat behind those “gluten, sugar, flour free” promises. Always check for the main ingredients because if it’s a light version, some other things have to be added for taste.

Healthy salad with dressing doesn’t exist.
You can eat a healthy salad when you don’t decorate it with dressing. It holds so many ingredients that are unhealthy and, if used constantly are awfully bad for us. My advice is to make it yourself – so you know what’s in it – or just go for the simple form – olive oil and a pinch of balsamic vinegar.

Extra extra.
It’s also never a good idea to ask from an extra anything. Regular sizings are already more than what we normally need to feel satisfied, add in something extra and the meal is already double what you need.