Cleaning out your closet and donating clothes

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Ever since I was little, we had this sort of tradition, at home, where each and every year, we would sort through our closets and give to a church or a charity bags and bags of clothes we didn’t wear or simply grown out of. Normally my mother would do it, but at least we would all help in sorting through our clothes. I found it a natural process of a closet and, when I was doing my bachelor’s degree, I had a phase when I was buying compulsively and got this big closet full of things I mostly wasn’t wearing. So, to stop the problem, I restrained myself from ever purchasing something impulsively and sort through the clothes I hadn’t worn in, at least a year. I would fill up these huge bags and bring them to my mother so she would give them away – thus continuing the tradition! It seems like a simple and basic rule to follow so your closet doesn’t get clothed with unnecessary items you’re not wearing, to help others less fortunate and, at the same time, freeing space for new purchases you might do.

Do you have any go-to institutions or causes you donate?