Ten healthy snacks

Snacks should be a healthy, fun and tasty way to enjoy food between the most important meals of the day. It doesn’t mean they should be something hard to make but rather something you enjoy. I’ve been developing my snacking skills for years since, when I was a little overweight, that used to be one of my problems. Nowadays, I take some time and effort into thinking and making healthy, delicious and filling snacks that won’t harm my main meals.

I try to vary as much as I can with the ingredients I have but somethings are always in my kitchen: avocados, honey, oatmeal, berries, nuts, prunes, carrots and fresh fruit. I like to mix things up and try different recipes but these ten are my all-time-go-to-snacks that I just cannot live without. My secret is to never exaggerate on the quantities and just have two crisp bread slices or one carrot or even a handful of almonds. I would love to know, what are your snack-go-to-recipes?

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