My take

Photo by PatrĂ­cia Canastreiro.

When you’re a part of human relationships, you should be able to compromise. Heck, you should know how to compromise, I feel it’s common sense. My father was the first person to teach me that. I remember him getting mad at me because I didn’t want to do something. He asked me do you think I like everything I do? In order to get what you want you have to understand the meaning of compromising and doing things you don’t really want to. Of course he wasn’t referring to everything you do in life but, it comes a time when you have to learn how not to be selfish and abide the other person. I don’t particularly like to watch a tennis match but if M. wants to watch it, I’ll do it with him. If he wants to see an action-bloody-shooting-CIA movie, I’ll indulge him. Not all the time. But sometimes. He does it for me too. It should be a two way street – which I’m aware it’s not always. Especially when you’re living with someone else. It’s not rocket science, it’s a matter of trying to be a good and comprehensive person. You don’t have to be a suck-ass and be constantly doing what others want, that’s why we all have a selfish side. Give the others a break and tell them to give you a break too.