Word of advice

Moleskine Daily Diary/Planner

Managing a new blog, or just a blog, is a very fun and exciting task. You have to research through your favorite and new websites, try to find subjects, try to write important and relevant content, try to make it appealing. I know I will have lot’s of fun because I’m a graphic and, now, aspiring web designer. I’ve been working in this area for over 4 years and have enough experience to share with you. It’s always a challenge working by yourself – which is a concept I am very familiar with – wether we are talking about a blog or other jobs. You have to be very strict with your schedules and, the most important thing is to separate the time you’re working from the time you’re relaxing – I often mix both. Maybe work on a calendar or have a diary. I’m a big fan of diaries and have had one since 2005. I prefer a daily diary so I can organise my tasks and check them out as soon as my day goes.