My essentials

As you grow older you become costumed to certain habits that are called your essentials. And this can easily become a weekly post of what are my essentials. I have sort of a strict routine when it comes to cleaning, organising and planing, and lack of it when it comes to doing. I want to become one of those people who can get through all their to do’s and this is what these posts are going to be about. Not only talking about it but actually doing it.

In the morning, after washing my face with cold water, I use two different face creams for specific areas; EFFACLAR DUO (2) for my chin, which is normally more of a mixed type of skin than the rest of my face and, of course, EFFACLAR H (1) for the remaining areas, including neck. After that, I apply under and over my eyes the Shiseido’s Natural Finish Cream Concealer (3) number 2, the one that matches my skin colour. To give my eyes the finished and more bright look, I apply L├óncome Hypnose Star mascara.